Herparen - regenerates and cleanses liver after 1 course of treatment

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One bottle of Herparen contains 200 ml of syrup which is enough for 1 month of treatment course. Recommended dosage: 1 tablespoon per day before meal

  • Cleanse your liver from the effects of alcohol and unhealthy fats
  • Get rid of feelings of pain and heaviness in your liver
  • Gently cleanse your liver
    from bile
  • Protect your liver from the effects of alcohol, smoking, environmental pollution, and sedentary lifestyle

Test yourself! Do you have at least one of these symptoms?

Dull aches on the right side under the ribcage, lower back pain

Bitter taste in mouth, breath that smells like rotten eggs

Yellowing, flaky skin in the regions of forehead, nose and mouth.

Heaviness on the right side after consuming greasy or spicy foods

Diarrhea, constipation, bloated stomach

Spider veins, yellow plaque on tongue

Weakness and fatigue even after resting

If you have any of these symptoms, start treatment immediately! IMPORTANT FACTS:
80% of liver disease cases have no symptoms, which leads directly to awful consequences.

Begin treatment now and heal yourself completely!

Scary statistics

Epidemiological nation-wide surveys conducted in 2012 show that 70% of North Americans experience liver problems. In other words, 7 out of 10 people. Moreover, the majority of people are completely unaware of their liver problem.

This is because liver has no nerve cells; thus, the early stages of disease are nearly asymptomatic and can only be spotted during a thorough check-up.

Triple action of Herparen for a healthy liver:

1| Detoxification

Polysaccharides remove carcinogens, bile, toxins, cholesterol, and the byproducts of alcohol and tobacco degradation. Through this process, the liver is cleansed. Healthy stomach microflora is restored; excess weight disappears along with allergies and skin problems.

2| Regeneration

Dihydroquercetin (pine bark extract) regenerates liver at the cellular level. It normalizes bile contents and their secretion. It also stops damaging processes, slows tumor growth, and relieves inflammation. It aids in treatment of viral infections, as well.

3| Protection

Rich in vitamins (B3, B5, C, and D) and minerals (calcium, manganese, magnesium, molybdenum, sodium, potassium, iron, zinc, germanium), the drops activate T-lymphocytes and the immune response at the cellular level. With regular usage, the drops form a protective coating. The liver no longer suffers from external factors.

Expert opinion

The extract of Chicory root is the strongest liver supplement. It is powerful antioxidant and I only know one drug that has a maximal concentration of chicory root extract. And that is Herparen. I saw its formula and read the reviews of independent experts.
After recommending it to my patients, there was a noticeable improvement in the recovery process, which is the strongest proof of its effectiveness. I scold my patients for self-medicating: using treatments that were "recommended by friends" or "seen on the Internet". It's the wrong thing to do! Liver problems should be treated with medications trusted by doctors. With their help, you will fully restore your liver.

Thomas E. Bradley
Dean of Faculty, Ph.D., M.D hepatology, gastroenterology with 38 years of practice

Testimonials from customers who have tried Herparen:

After celebrating New Year, my husband got a feeling of heaviness in his right side. We didn't know what to do, since this was our first time dealing with this problem. Naturally, we searched the internet for answers. We both understood that liver disease is a serious issue, but the doctor's office was closed anyways until the end of holidays. On a certain forum, I've found one woman's strong recommendation to use specifically Herparen, and I decided to try it. And you know what? My husband felt better after the first day. The heaviness went away, and so did the burning pains. My husband still continues to take it.

Andrea Johnson, Sacramento

I drank it when I suffered from liver problems. When I was diagnosed with cholecystitis, I took it along with other medications as part of combined therapy. At first, it was prescribed to me by my family doctor. Later, I started medicating with it on my own. The price for this product in my city is affordable for everyone. I want to note that you shouldn't expect instant results. But if you combine the right diet with correct administration of this product, then you won't have to wait long for results. The pain on the right side underneath my ribs has lessened, and my general well-being has improved. There were no side effects, and I still feel great to this day.

Kathleen Hodgson, Portland

When I started grade 1, during the second semester at school I began to show signs of hepatitis. I was told that I had acquired it through my teeth when I was in kindergarten. All in all, I spent a month lying in hospital. But, as it turned out, hepatitis is a lifelong problem. The first serious problems happened to me at college, when I started to eat crappy food and drink too much beer. After a year, I already knew my liver was enlarged, since I remembered the feeling from childhood. Sit down in a slightly wrong way - and you're already in pain; eat anything greasy - and you're already nauseous. Then my doctor prescribed me Herparen. I took it for three weeks and followed a strict diet. After that, all my liver problems disappeared. Most importantly, drink as little alcohol afterwards as possible. Take this medication exactly as scheduled, and you'll definitely get better. Just like me.

Michael Hall, New Orleans

The advantages of Herparen:


Pain and heaviness goes away right after starting treatment

Effective treatment with no side-effects

Live cells of plants completely correspond to the cells of human liver

Has no hepatotoxicity

Unlike most antibiotics

Holistic treatment

Normalizes blood pressure, blood glucose, heart and blood vessel function, raises energy levels, and improves mood

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